Write An Essay That Shines! The Top Ten Tips for Essay Writing

  1. Research Research Research!

The most important step in guaranteeing success at writing your essay is by starting your research early. Time and time again students procrastinate and put off the crucial research necessary to compile facts and data. This results in a rushed, cookie-cutter essay. Why not go for the gold?

  1. Make your Topic Interesting

Just because you are given a topic that you are not interested in, does not mean that it will not be interesting to write about. Individualize your hypothesis by posting questions the reader may be interested in and a topic that you too will have an interest in taking the time to research.

  1. Take Creative Risks

Remember to be honest about your work and that it is always healthy to take a little risk once in awhile. Sometimes risk can pay off, such as writing in a style that sticks out from the rest. You want your essay to shine so why not add a little creativity to your writing? Of course this doesn’t always apply to different styles of report writing, but always a helpful detail to keep in your mind.

  1. Write an outline.

This is one of the most important aspects to the essay process. An outline is a mind map of all of your ideas on developing your thoughts and points. Any successful big project requires some sort of mind mapping to organize one’s thoughts. It can organize your essay (or resume later on) in such a way that is pleasing to the reader and yourself.

  1. Draft your Writing

Write and rewrite. This is very important. Especially for writers who do not have years of experience under their belt. Even the most talented, gifted writers create drafts of their work. So if you want an error-free essay, dont forget to re-write multiple drafts, whatever it takes.

  1. Seek Constructive Criticism

Get others to read your work. It is important to be able to take constructive criticism and get other readers opinions on your writing. Every person who reads your essay will have a unique way of reading it so use your own discretion and don’t take constructive criticism, personal.

  1. Write a Strong Introduction

Remember to focus on having a strong introduction. The introduction of your essay is the most important aspect of your paper as these few lines are what will captivate the reader.

  1. Seek Extra Help for Clarification

If you are still unsure about basic sentence structure, how to build your essay in the style requested or just how to form grammatically correct sentences, there are many online resources out there that can help you along the way. Do not forget to use spell check!

  1. Follow Instructions

Ensure that you have read the instructions properly from your professor. Nothing is worse than getting handed back a paper you have long anticipated to see your hard work pay off, only to find a less than satisfactory mark. If you are unclear about what your instructor expects, ask him/her to clarify in person or on paper.

  1. Follow the Requested Format

Be sure to format your essay according to the guidelines outlined or ask your professor specifically which format they prefer. A simple font such as ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Ariel’ is both common and easy-to-read formats.