Facts in Essay

You need a good strong thesis statement that presents your opinion at the end of your introductory paragraph and speaking of that the thesis statement is always always always always the final sentence of your introductory paragraph the thesis statement is really easy to find it’s always the last sentence of your introductory paragraph okay so this is the basic formula the basic pattern for a good intro paragraph now you’re saying it should be short because the main body the main idea is in the body well almost the main idea technically is in the introduction and the thesis but the main argument all the reasons and the details good really are in the are in the body so again you don’t want if you’re looking at a hamburger you don’t want a really thick piece of bread on top and then a little little tiny teeny teeny skinny burger in there right okay so melanne is here hi okay Rosa is saying the most difficult part in writing an essay is writing the introduction yeah.

I agree that the introduction is difficult it’s tricky it’s hard to know how to get started right how do you get started with the intro well let’s see if we can kind of walk you through it a little bit today okay so as I said the intro should be general sentences and then specific right so the general sentences those three or four or two or three sentences at the beginning of your introductory paragraph the first sentence should get the reader’s attention right you want to get the reader’s attention with an engaging opening sentence you want to start your essay with a with a strong sentence which some people call the hook right you want to get that attention it’s like your first impression right so get the readers interest then you might have to give the reader some more background information that they need to understand the issue okay.

If you’re talking about a controversial topic that many people disagree with you have to give maybe a little bit of information so that the reader understands what is the problem what is the disagreement okay and the whole point of these first opening sentences is to prepare the reader or kind of lead the reader think about that hourglass like this you are taking the reader to your thesis statement which is your your opinion okay so it’s kind of those general sentences are are creating a path for your reader to get to your main idea your your thesis statement yeah so tip number two now this is important write an engaging opening sentence so this is again this is what Rose is saying she has trouble with all students have trouble with that that first opening sentence yeah but don’t worry about it too much okay and let me let me give you a couple things to avoid and then I’ll give you an example of a fine opening sentence okay so avoid bland uninteresting facts.