Steps To Choosing An Online Bachelor Degree

You know you need a bachelor degree to help your career, but you don’t have time to quit work and study? Maybe you have children at home and have always wanted to finish your bachelor degree. For many people, pursuing an online bachelor degree is an ideal solution.

The problem comes when you start researching options for completing an online bachelor degree and you see how many choices are out there. We know it can be seem overwhelming, but we can help. We’ve gathered information on different online bachelor degree programs that are flexible, reliable, and accredited.

What is an online bachelor degree? Four-year colleges and universities award traditional bachelor degrees. A bachelor degree is comprised of 120-128 credits, and you can transfer up to 60 credits from community colleges to count towards your bachelor degree. This undergraduate program consists of general education and elective courses, along with your particular area of study called a “major”.

There are two main types of bachelor’s degree, the BA (Bachelor of Arts), which deals with social sciences, humanities, music, or fine arts, and the BS (Bachelor of Science), which deals with sciences, such as the life sciences, physical sciences, or the mathematical sciences. The online bachelor degree works generally the same way except you complete coursework through the Web.

Your first step in choosing an online bachelor degree program is to familiarize yourself with how the courses in your particular program are designed. Do this by checking the college’s web site to read up on the syllabus for your online bachelor degree program. You should spend a lot of time checking out the syllabus before registering for classes. This will help you decide if the program is right for you. Keep your learning style in mind when you are reviewing the degree requirements. Some people do well with little structure, while others need more formal deadlines and structured assignments and online meeting times.

Next, you should look at what kinds of tools are needed to finish assignments for a specific online bachelor degree. Before you register for specific classes be sure that you have access to the necessary technology. For some classes, you must have access to a VCR, tape player, and a fax machine. Other online bachelor degree programs use all online resources. The more technologically advanced schools will have online resources for library research, interactive communication between teachers and students, and online locations to download and post assignments.

One of the leaders offering an online bachelor degree program is the University of Phoenix Online. First starting in 1989, it has been a leader in distance learning and online education for over a decade. As one of the first accredited institutions to offer accredited online degrees, University of Phoenix Online has extensive experience in online education. Unlike other programs that are partially delivered by mail, telephone or videotape, or require some on-campus attendance, the entire degree can be completed over the Internet.