Unsupported Conclusion

You’d be surprised how many times I read a paper that provides a bunch of evidence saying one thing and then thean says but I don’t think we should follow any of that well the problem with this conclusion isn’t necessarily that the the point that it makes the problem with the conclusion is that it’s unsupported if you want to come up with this conclusion then you need to write a paper that provides evidence that there’s no way to actually attract hummingbirds to our backyards I didn’t provide that evidence therefore I I really can’t come to this conclusion so you know in juvenile justice courses I find this a lot a lot it’s it’s really prevalent and you know justice courses we have some very big time opinions about things that may not be true particularly when we talk about that that we you know the later on.

And the course assignment about the you know three three or four different programs you know here pick one of these programs research it come back and tell me whether or not it works why it doesn’t work whether there’s any evidence you know you need to provide evidence to support all of that and then your conclusion needs to support that evidence and you’d be having it you’d be surprised how many people write a paper on dare or scared-straight or boot camp and they show all this well you know according to the research people that go to scared-straight are more likely to commit crimes than people that don’t go to scared-straight or according to the research there has no additional impact over not doing anything at all and then in their conclusion they say but we should keep there or we should keep scared-straight even though people are more likely to to commit crime after they go through these programs we should keep them anyway .

Because if it helps one person it was worth it well that’s a very very dangerous mentality to take how many people do we heard in the in the process of print help just one so this is kind of an example of how you need to support your conclusions and then I I wrote the conclusion down here a little bit better this would be a more appropriate conclusion for the paper hummingbirds are an excellent addition to your backyard birding experience not only do they add beautiful and unique birds to your backyard but the plants used to attract them can provide natural beauty to your backyard as well attracting these birds can be done easily by adding appropriate plant life to your backyard or adding attractive artificial feeders to your backyard area this provides methods of attracting these birds for all skill levels and even those who do not necessarily have a green thumb that’s a great conclusion I never said I never said we I never said I think I’m it is understood this is my opinion.