Writing In First Person

You’d be surprised some people if they don’t know which way to do it do it both ways APA has guidelines for how to write numbers if the number is less than 10 you write the number out okay unless and there are some key this is why getting the APA manual is kind of important there are some key differentiations as to when we don’t write the number out if it’s just one cup one page six pages something like that we’re always gonna write the number out so you probably see me marking here oh and E because we should have written that out we’re going to APA once again this is why getting the APA manual kind of important.

Because you you really need to know when those variations occur and the only way to do that is to get the APA manual or look it up there are some sites you can look it up on but anyway nectar to fill these feeders gonna be created by simply adding one cup of sugar – 1 cup of water and a pot on your stove and slowly bringing to a boil citation good once it has cooled it can be added to the feeder and all that is left is to wait for your hummingbirds to begin coming to your feeder no citation no citation needed it’s my information it’s the writers information I’m interpreting so now we get into the conclusion now this conclusion is broken off in pages so we’re going to do the best we can here but the first thing I look at and I would have caught this in my initial skim through so once again we have that big indent so you’d see 0.5 inches there in conclusion I just want to say that it is impossible for you to attract hummingbirds to your backyard no first person that’s the note you would see no first person.

Don’t write in first person do you not use I do not use we it’s unnecessary you don’t need to do it and you’ll see I’ll provide you a good example I’ve written this conclusion one specific way I’ve actually written another can that’ll give you good example of how to write a conclusion it is assumed that what you write in your paper is your opinion so you don’t need to say I or we or anything like that so in conclusion I just want to say that it’s impossible for you to attract hummingbirds to your backyard not only are there not any feeders available to attract them with artificial food but the plants that attract them are not easy to plant and will only grow in nature preserves not your backyard we are wasting our time trying to attract hummingbirds to our backyards you should just go to your local Nature Preserve or watch videos about them ok let’s talk about this conclusion a little bit what’s wrong with it think about it for a second looks thing about what is wrong with this confusion.